Reasons why I love Taeyang: #10: his ambition.

"I have no choice but to do my absolute best every single time. If I continue to put forth my all, I could become the world’s best. I simply work hard believing in that potential. Even if I don’t get to stand on a really grand stage, I want to become a singer that can convey that emotion to any passing stranger." - Taeyang [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #09 his face.

Q: Do you like the way you look?
YB: Yes, I do (laugh). That’s why I can feel confident in front of the camera, taking pictures. [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #08 his singing.

"I’ve always felt that a song is meant to share its sincerity and to move people.  Singing just to show off your level and craft is meaningless." - Taeyang [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #07 his killer body.

As far as I recall, I’ve never met a man who oozes male pheromones yet smiles with such innocence before. […] What made him the sexy icon was very clear: his sensual voice and killer body that show what “groove” is all about. - ELLE Magazine [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #06 his dancing.

Q: Have you ever lost yourself or felt high?
YB: A lot of times.
Q: Without even drinking?
YB: Yes. One thing I want to say is that I don’t need alcohol to get to that point. Dancing is more than enough. I think that’s why I love dancing so much. [x

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #05 his ultimate goal in life.

Q: What kind of future image does Taeyang wish for himself?
YB: I want to be a really great dad. [x

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #04 his passion for music.

"I’m not greedy for the #1 spot. Rather than #1, I want to do music that I want to do and sing songs for people who recognize me. Low rankings on the charts do not change my greed for true ‘music’" -Taeyang [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #03 his love for puppies.

Q: Say you met a really attractive girl, someone with the kind of energy you want. If you miss her today, you’ll never see her again. What would you do?
YB: […] I’ll be like, “Do you like puppies?” [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #02 his music.

Q: Is there anything you have found out about yourself while working on this album?
YB: In a way, I’ve found an answer to myself. A realization about what sort of music I should do in the future.

Q: And what sort of music is that?
YB: I don’t know how this may sound but uh… It’s what I have been dreaming since I was young and I think I finally got it this time. Music that sounds very hopeful in the morning on your way to work but consoling when you hear it on your way home at the end of the day. It’s music that’ll sometimes sound more exciting, rather than put you in a good mood, and sound sad if you hear it when you’re in another mood. [x]

Reasons why I love Taeyang: #01 his smile.

"And he has just the right amount of cuteness in his smiles…" -IU [x]