Everyone turns into a mess whenever Simon does aegyo

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120524 SSTP - Daniel's list of sexy

  • Shindong: Since you chose yourself as first for being the sexiest member in Dalmatian, who do you choose as the second sexiest?
  • Daniel: I think Simon hyung. The reason is because at night, Simon hyung transforms into a werewolf.
  • Shindong: Kind of like a Jacob feel.
  • Daniel: It's because he's naturally tan so when he steps into the living room with his shirt off, he has a sexy feel to him.
  • Simon: Thank you.
  • Shindong: He has deep eyes so it gives it a strong kind of sexy feeling.
  • Inati: But I have my shirt off too when we're in the dorm-
  • Dalmatian: But we all have our shirts off.

Look at that girl, totally freaking out when Simon pointed at her~ 

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Simon fixing his tie 

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