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dear woo jiho, happy 20th birthday! ♥ can you just let me hug you for now and let me squash your dumb fat face for one second. the past 8 months have been tough, but i’m glad you made it through. i’m really happy to see you back on stage again where you belong. i love seeing you perform. i love seeing you look stupid. i love every side of you. i want to feed you your favorite type of cake so that i can make you fatter than you already are. i hope you spend this day well with your mom, brother and the members. and also, may you receive tons and tons and tons of presents!! i wish for you to always be happy because your smile is so precious and adorable it makes me want to rub your face in a puddle of mud all the time. please take good care of your vocals!! ↖(‘` ◣ ﹏◢)Ψ anyway, all the best for block b’s comeback in october, i know you won’t disappoint us. break a leg!! happy birthday once again, sunshine. have a blast! you’ve work hard. thank you and i love you. ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡

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Happy Birthday Woo Jiho/Zico! #ZicoHEPHAPday

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hep happy zico~


12 photos of Zico

I’ve always wanted to do this

 6/9 pictures of zico’s pierced ear!!